Anyong, Ciao, Bulla, Nei Hou, Hello!

Posted in Welcome Note on August 6, 2008 by ckelaher

Come and explore all the corners of the globe through my personal travel tales. Sail the Mekong to Vietnam and Cambodia, walk the myriads of alleys in Hong Kong, whizz through the underground in Seoul, ride a double decker bus in London, meander through the canals of Italy and finally laze the days away in Fiji and Vanuatu!

Along the way I will guide you through my valuable teaching experiences gained through both active participation in society and culture. To emphasise the use of Information Communications Technology as professional practice, I will guide you through numerous resources including websites, online video, music, books and other articles in order to connect an Australian classroom with the rest of the world! Sit back, relax and enjoy your journey of the world through my eyes and I hope you are inspired to travel to these far away places someday!


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